Hire Francine at Spotify!

When I was 12, I wanted to be the Alicia Keys of rap music. 

I wrote rhymes. I learned new software to mix tracks and design cover art. Even before the days of Spotify and the streaming boom, I used the internet to host and promote my music. Thankfully, I realized that being a trap pianist was not my calling, but that short-lived rap career sparked my love of music and technology.

I have a longstanding passion for connecting people with music that moves, from slinging mixtapes in the lunchroom to now applying for Spotify’s AMP Development Program.


Why Me?

I have a superpower: Strategic Storytelling.

Strategic Storytelling harnesses the persuasive power of numbers and narrative for a unique approach to marketing and problem solving that encourages engagement and action.

Data is how I understand the past and present, while narrative is how I create my vision for the future. By crafting stories with logical and emotional appeal, I am able to clearly communicate with my audience and excite them to act on proposed solutions.

My Style

I believe personality is crucial in cultivating a stellar team. Here's my work approach described in three lyrics:


“I’m passionately smashin’ every expectation. Every action’s an act of creation!”

– Lin Manuel Miranda


"People of the world unite,
strength in numbers we
can get it right"

- Janet Jackson


"Truth & honesty, that's what we need to hold onto the good stuff we believe in." 

- Aretha Franklin


My Work

Here are the highlights of my current role as Events and Marketing Coordinator at She Runs It (formerly Advertising Women of New York)

brand strategy

Two months after graduation, I was executing the rebrand of a 100-year-old organization. 

You should know I love a challenge.

Content Management@1x.png

I work closely with the Board of Directors Content Taskforce to establish frameworks for original content creation and distribution.


As the in-house designer, I create 

eye-catching slide decks, programs, web banners, print ads, & social assets.

Lifecycle Marketing@1x.png

I collaborate with the membership team to 

develop creative solutions for member acquisition, conversion, and retention.

I want to join the band.

I am a proven creative problem-solver with a hunger to learn. With my attention to details and your solid bass line, we can make beautiful music (and outstanding business results) together.

If you like what you see, let's connect and discuss the possiblity of working together!